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What are Waist Bead?

Waist beads are referred to as an amazing tool for women in Africa as is a traditional African accessory, comprising small glass seed beads that is either tied around the waist or hip. The glass beads consumed in the production of belly beads chain is tied either on a string or on the wire for over centuries, following the West African culture.

African waist beads trend flowing all over the world

Having the beads made out of glass, the Ancient Egyptians have decorated those artificial pearls with their clothes and dishes. From making up earrings, African beaded necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces of jewelry by making use of colors, the manufacturers have always thought of how these would adore the body. Hence, became a trend lately. 

How to Tie your waist beads
African waist beads are trending and everyone is jumping on that horse. There are so many fashionable and well crafted African waist beads that make you feel like they are worth a million dollars. You could get these hand crafted waist beads from Tadalu. They are gentle to your skin, cause no irritation and is suitable for all shapes and sizes.