Red and black beads-Tadalu

Red and black beads

Beads especially the waist beads work common among the couples from the generations earlier, but today holds the significance. These have been a cultural tradition in African countries where they have been serving for both the spiritual and celebratory purposes. Today when we scroll all over the social media, the trend followed by the ladies of African countries can be seen with the exposed waistlines or say the decoration piece for the waste produced with the beads from glass seed beads

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African wedding beads history-Tadalu
African waist beads are an exclusive collection of jewelry, being worn by the Africans for more than 75000 years. With a history going back, the first-ever example has been found in the year 2004 on the South African Coast. As per the ancient artifacts, the waist bead chain is usually made out of material easily found within the continent of Africa while the first one in history was the shell of the ostrich egg, utilized for the purpose of making it fancy.

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African Waist Beads on waist-Tadalu

Significance of waist beads

People in Africa do have spiritual beliefs with the belly beads chain, specifically with its’ color. According to such a spiritual belief, distinctive hues of the African waist beads comprise different properties. Below are some of the highlighted ones;..... 

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