Africa for a long time was considered to be a dark continent where no great product would come from and be accepted the world over. In this digital age that has come to pass and Africa has become a powerhouse at a global scale from all sectors of the economy be it Agricultural, Fashion, Music or Tourism. With this in mind the African sandal has made tremendous growth in the fashion and lifestyle sector and here are a few tips about the African Sandals.

Most of the authentic African sandals are made by the women like in the Masai community women are responsible for such duties as the men are focused at herding after their livestock all day long hence women make this sandals to be able to get extra income to supplement their household chores and responsibilities.

The main reason that the African sandals are lightweight and have a flat sole is because the communities that initially made them were pastoralist and would walk for many kilometers in search of water and pasture for their animals and did not want shoes that would slow them down or give them bruises due to friction between the feet and shoes. However, the open nature of the African sandal was to mitigate the severe hot and sunny conditions in the arid and semi-arid areas that they called home. The open airy design bought comfort to the feet and left them feeling fresh with little no or sweating.

The use of beads in the sandals was a representation of the African beauty and heritage nearly all the counties of the African continent consider beads as an epitome of beauty and so most women tend to make sure they wear them in different forms so enhancing their beauty and fashion sense.

Material used to make the sandals was not used by mistake but later was used to make sure that all the parts of an animal either a Camel or a cow were properly used and not just thrown away for the wild animals to come and eat it thus this showed the respect and love they had for their livestock.

Though sales and adaption of African Sandals Cultural Exchange has been well passed and adopted in various countries and communities worldwide and with that modern day business have embraced modern African designs in making their clothes and other products to cater of the increasing demand of African themed products.

African sandals, accessories and artifacts have become a major tourist attraction and have gone to greater heights of having opportunities to be showcased in various customs art exhibitions in many counties in the world. This kind of initiatives have helped improve the live hoods of millions of families in Africa and uplifted them from poverty.

Nevertheless, the sandals have led to preservation of the African Culture, Traditions and customs though knowledge and skills transfer from the parents to their young ones who have gained more interest in their culture after they see that other people appreciate and admire it.

It is no doubt that once we believe and give ourselves a chance to win we have the power to change the world no matter how small you start you will definitely get there.