Waist beads are probably one of the prettiest current trends. How well do you know your waist beads in terms of color? Well, apart from the waist beads design and type of beads used, the bead color remains to be one significant aspect to consider while selecting waist beads. Each bead color is designed to tell a story and symbolize something powerful.

Aside from being compelled by the beauty of various bead strands, it is equally important to know the meaning. That way, you get to wear something that defines your character. In most cases, waist beads are a symbol of fertility, femininity, spiritual wellbeing and sensuality. In the present time, people use waist beads for practical purposes and as a decoration tool.

Here are some of the waist beads colors and their meanings

Green: nature, fertility, harmony, stability, prosperity, and abundance

Black: protection, edginess, elegance, and power

White: purity, truth, simplicity, and light

Orange: vitality, courage, and self-confidence

Red: vitality and confidence

Blue: honesty, peace, relaxation and loyalty

Yellow: joy, energy, and happiness

Turquoise: self-awareness and communication

Pink: love, beauty, care, and generosity

Gold: wealth, power and good health

Purple: wisdom, luxury, romance, loyalty, and spirituality

Brown: stability, friendliness, and earth

Ideally, you could buy waist beads that symbolize different stages of your life. For instance, if you are pregnant, green waist beads can be used to symbolize fertility. The shades of green will represent a new life and the whole aspect of being productive. Primarily, you can use them as a means of communicating how you feel. It’s more of adding meaning to what you wear. Life is too short to wear things without intention. You can decide to spice up your life with beads that communicate more about how you feel or your current situation in life.

At times one’s personality can be identified through the beads that they wear. Blue waist beads could signify that you are a cool, calm and composed individual. Brown can show that you are an easy-going, friendly and approachable person. Asides from showing personalities, the bead colors can define our moods in different instances. Colors like yellow can be used to show that you are in a jovial mood and at the same time show that you are bursting with energy. Orange portrays a sense of self-confidence and that you are ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Primarily, the meaning of various waist beads colors varies depending on the tribe. However, most narrow down to a collective sense. You can wear waist beads as a means of individual interpretation and personal expression. The waist beads have been designed for women of all races, background and body types. They come in different color combinations and patterns. If you like them custom made to your preferred color and designs, it can be done. You get to express yourself through what you wear asides from benefitting from its aesthetic value. You can get plenty of unique, stylish, and colorful waist beads that will harmoniously blend with your class and taste. 

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