African-American culture- popularly recognized as the black culture, comprising the American and Africans’ cultural contributions in the United States. Being rooted in Africa, it is a combination of sub-Saharan African and Sahelian cultures. Although history reflects the slavery that has limited the Americans tradition, modernization has modified the practices and beliefs over the passage of time. The rights of the people were limited with the long-term deny in the share of political, economic as well as the social progress. Hence, resulting in bringing up uniqueness in the culture.    

“The African culture in America is either a part or is distinct from the American culture”

Over the years, the African culture has a lot of impact on American culture. The cultural contribution in history by the Africans has been undermined, but now have a deep-rooted impact in terms of traditional folklore, songs and dances to the cuisines.   

“Although the traditional customs of Africans have been asked to abandon, their practices and wisdom has now been adopted for the survivals”

Below are the adoptions that have taken place from African cultural practices;

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  • Agricultural practices

Agricultural practices have also been a major part of the African culture in America. This has included the supply of intense labor, their skills, and the cultivation of the rice seeds. Since the year 1700, the introduction of rice took place as a part of the farming practice of the South Carolina market. The contribution of practices by the South Africans included the three indispensable systems namely, springs moisture reservation, groundwater, and soil moisture reservation.


  • Original dances and songs

According to the history, the African slaves were forced to tap their feet and do hand clapping as a substitute to the drum that was banned in major African communities as these were said to have been gaining popularity. As a result, songs and dances with rhythms became the core part of the African- American culture. The slaves also created two notable music forms that included both the spirituals and blues.  


  • Indigenous nursery rhymes

Alongside the other cultural practices, folklores also became a part of African-American culture. This included the learning for childhood along with the developments in them with their growing age.


  • Real Southern cuisine

Since the time of the trans-Atlantic journey, the collection of beans and peas from Africa has been gathered and became part of the American food culture. This included deep frying of the food, millet bread, fufu, etc. This has often been prepared by the enslaved Africans with their expertise in turning the meal and flour as a popular dish which is also linked to the state of South Carolina.

The major of African origin is witnessed via the modern culture following which the Americans have capitalized contemporary music, language, clothing, as well as hairstyles. What have you witnessed in the African-American culture? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below!