African waist beads color meaning

African waist beads are exotic body beads and an age-old tradition that makes a modern-day statement. It has been a part of African culture for centuries that have now been opted by the population of America. Hence, making it a part of their culture. Wearing the beaded jewelry has actually become an obsession as it brings uniqueness to the personality a woman in Africa carries.

Facts everyone should know about African waist beads

There are distinctive reasons for people wearing waist beads. Since these are gaining popularity in the US and are becoming trendy day by day, below are 5 basic facts that everyone must know about.

Representation of femininity and sensuality

Waist beads are commonly recognized as the colorful strands of femininity as these are handmade for every type of body and size. Women in Ghana reflect their tradition by wearing the waist beads in order to signify femininity. Some of the women wear the beads under their clothes, making their lovers view them as the meaning of purity between the two. For the others, beads are a reflection of attraction to grab attention.

“Wearing beads in the African culture is referred to as the best way to communicate their fertility”

  • Color and meanings

African waist beads color meaning is what ultimately means speaking about the intentions. The meanings may vary from one tribe to the other, one culture to the other and so on. Hence, are open to explanations. Every color of the bead has it’s very own unique meaning in the African culture as below;

  • Red- In the African culture, it reflects the sexual energy, courage, confidence, and passion.
  • Blue- In the African culture, it reflects peace, knowledge, prosperity, devotion, faith, etc.
  • Yellow- In the African culture, it reflects the wisdom, clarity, and knowledge. At com, the experts represent the meaning of calming nerves and increasing awareness within the African culture.
  • Green- In the African culture, it reflects hope, healing, generous, prosperity, etc.
  • Black- In the African culture, it reflects the protection and power.
  • Turquoise- In the African culture, it is a symbol of self-awareness and communication.
  • Pink- In the African culture, it reflects the beauty, kindness, love as well as care.
  • White- In the African culture, it reflects the purity of the woman as well as her truthfulness.
  • Orange- In the African culture, it reflects the self- confidence within the woman and a lot of her courage.


  • Sign of growth and rites of the passage

For some cultures (especially the African culture), waist beads have been referred to as the rite of passage. From over decades, mothers have been spending the amount on purchasing this exclusive ornament for their daughters as soon as their very first menstruation cycle starts off, i.e. when they turn into womanhood.

“Having new waist beads at every time is a symbol of a healthy life, maturity, and growth”

  • Formation of beads

When it comes to the formation of waist beads, experts at are referred to as highly spiritual personalities. When the beads, stones, shells and other variety of beads that are to go on the waist are picked and placed, everything is done with a specific intention. The makers of waist beads keep in mind that the waist beads worn by married women differ from those worn by young girls.

“Waist beads are trendy and have therefore become way too modernized as well as ornamental”

  • Body shaping & measurements

In both traditional and modern times, women have been wearing waist beads with an aim to keep their bodies intact. Waist beads keep the body in shape, letting the waist small and hips attentive. On a regular basis, waist beads are further countable as a perfect measurement tool as these do not stretch. This means that if the waist beads get a little tight, it means that weight gain could be evidenced.  

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