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African Beads for waist

by Tadalu . 02 Apr 2020 0 Comments

People in Africa and Ghana seems to be more like jewelry friends due to the waist beads culture that they have been following since the beginning. This may be due to the reasons including (1) they love to wear the belly beads chain as is a part of their culture and, (2) it makes them incomplete when not having it worn around the waist.

“One of the women from Ghana shared that she feels naked when she do not have waist beads worn around the belly, especially in the formal wedding events”

Although the new generation, beaded jewelry has also become an obsession for girls today due to the following reasons.

  • Adores the waistline and attracts

Produced out of colorful beads, this chain is also referred to as a symbol of femininity. Having them manufactured purely via handmade enhances it’s appearance when worn around the waist. Further, being a symbol of wealth when the beads used in the production are way too beautiful.

“Glass seed beads are perfect among the variety of other beads”

Undoubtedly, it also serves as the sex appeal. Ghanaians believe that having them worm either on the naval line or below the naval, it is considered as the unique power that evokes strengthening emotions in the opposite sex. Let’s say when a women wears it in a party, a glimpse from a men can make him look towards a woman with a strong reaction. Hence, couldn’t resist the feeling of lust and desire.

  • Shape to the body

Both from the traditional point of view as well as in the modernized era, the group of women believe them having it around can help give the body a perfect shape by letting it stay intact. Upon choosing the glass seed beads with the attachment of bell makes the waist appear slim and hips accentuated. Thereby, meaning that when the tightness is felt, this may serve as a symbol of weight gain.

  • Production of beads using different material

Although glass seed bead appears to be the preferred choice in the modern era today, the person making the beads, i.e. the spiritual person had also made use of stones, bones, and shells in the past. Even today stones and shells are being asked for with the sole intention to do something. Similarly when a woman selects the beads for waist at the time of formation may differ, i.e. if one wanted them to be designed specifically for their husband, this would be much sensational as compared to the ready-made ones.

“The trend of waist beads have become way too modernized and ornamental”

At, we have already assigned the team of experts who can help you get the meaning of the beads and their colors and get a finished product ready as per the specification required. Want to get more detail about the waist beads we use in the production of belly beads chain? Feel free to do so in the comment section as below!

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About Tadalu Waist Beads

Our Accessories Are Just As Unique & Diverse As the African Culture! Experience the vastness and uniqueness of the African culture by adopting the centuries-old cultural practice of adorning the waist with impeccably-crafted waist beads. At Tadalu, we aim to inspire women with timeless African values that are uniquely stylish. We also strive to support the African jewelry industry and work with local artisans to provide our clients throughout the world with authentic African waist beads at affordable prices.
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