Since women and men in Africa wear many kinds of beads around their waist, hip, neck, and arms, these beads are produced in different shapes with charms, including glass stones and gemstones. These beads have many colors such as black, yellow, green, purple, and orange. Each color has its own meanings and effect on the people. These African waist beads are treated as their traditional accessory and jewelry. These beads are drilled into the wire.

History of African waist beads

The history of brads is very bygone. In ancient Egypt, women wore these beads for the seduction of men. In the past, beads were also known as girdles. They got famous by the Nigeria Yoruba tribe. According to Google Arts and Culture, ‘’Glass beads were introduced on the coast of East Africa by Arab and (from the 16th to the 18th centuries) Portuguese traders, and reached southern Africa in small quantities through trade’’. In Africa, women and men wear these beads on every ceremony and festival because it is now their custom. According to the African fact of organization, ‘’Jewelry in Africa is seldom just ornamental; rituals, religion, and ceremonies play a large part’’.

Black Beads Benefits

African people use black color beads in their waist beads, bracelets, and mala. According to the black color is a magic color that has many benefits on their health. Black beads in their different ornaments symbolize wisdom. They think that black is a mysterious color which shows their power, authority, and seriousness. Actually black beads are prestigious for them.

Black Beads Meanings

Every color has its own powerful impact on emotions and feelings. When anyone is choosing beads, one must consider and study the color of beads because of not only the shape of beads matters. But, also the color of beads has a long-lasting effect. Like all colors, black color is also used in Africa for their traditional jewelry. According to African people, black color beads are very holy and mysterious for them. The following are some meanings of black beads.

  • Power

Black beads symbolize power. Black beads increase their power. Intellectual people wear black beads to enhance and show their intellectual power.


  • Protection

Black color does not contain any color or any glow. It is just like water. According to African people, black beads protect them from every bad spirit, negative emotions, and false deeds. Pregnant women also wear black beads during their pregnancy to protect their children.


  • Negative Energy and Confusion

Black beads in mala repel the negative energy and spread positive vibes. These beads also make everything clear and prevent everyone from distraction and confusion. In fact, black beaded mala is also called the Confusion killer.


  • Growth and Strength

Newborn babies in Africa also wear black beads around their waist and hands because these beads enhance their growth and also increase their strength. Men wear black beads to show their strength. These beads also block bad emotions for the newborn baby.


  • Self-control and Stability

Black beads increase self-control and prevent everyone who wears black beads from every false deed. These beads increase stability and resistivity. People use black beads to control and limit themselves.


  • Fertility and Intimacy

Women wear black beads to attract their men because black beads increase the fertility and intimacy level. Men also wear black beads to increase their intimacy rate. These beads also increase love among relationships.

Usage of Black Beads

African people wear black beads around their waist which increases their intimacy and fertility as well as their stability. Some wear black beads around their neck in the shape of mala which shows their knowledge and power. Some people wear black beads around their hands in the form of bracelets which enlightens and bring peace. Black beads also symbolize death and evil.


The black color is a very bold and heavy color. Black beads are also considered as Holy, elegant, powerful, and Heavy. These beads represent seriousness, expensiveness, and death. These beads kill every false notion and deed. These beads also kill every bad spirit and evil. If a person wears black beads than these beads protect him from every bad happening and also increase his power, strength, self-control, stability, resistivity, growth, and happiness.