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Five Waist Beads Colors Combination You Will Love

by Tadalu . 07 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Five Waist Beads Colors Combination You Will Love

The concept of rocking waist beads is not one that started today. It has been in existence since the days of the African founding forefathers and foremothers, and luckily for this generation and other generations to come, wearing waist beads is one of those African traditions and cultures that have not gone and will not go into extinction and oblivion.

Adorning the waist with waist beads is an intriguing and fascinating concept that mesmerizes both men and women alike, and asides the types of bead used and the pattern it is used to create, another reason for this fascination mostly stem from the color combination of the beads on the strings.

Color combination is very important in waist beading, as having the right colors of beads give life to the waist beads on your waist instead of making them look boring to even you. Based on this, here are 5 waist beads color combinations (that are monochromatic, two-colored, and mixed colored) that will make your waist look exciting and fantastic.

Waist Beads Color Combinations That Are Amazing

1.    The All Color Combination.

This color pattern might seem monochromatic and boring, but it is not when you choose exciting colors that fit your skin type. Mind you, not all bead colors fit all skin tone, hence to pull this all color waist beads color combination, you have to go for beads color that will make your waist pop!!!

To make this combination interesting, you can play with different shades and tones of one color, setting them in a way that the contrast in hue compliments each other.

2.    The Gold and Black/White Color Combination

This is one of the most amazing waist beads color combinations that look expressively fascinating on any skin tone. Be it a fair-skinned, olive-skinned, or dark-skinned woman, this waist bead combination will give your waist that perfect glow!

To achieve the perfect Yellow and Black/White color scheme, you use the same quantity of yellow and black or white in your waist beads pattern.

3.    The Yellow and Gold Color Combination

Another two-colored color combination, the yellow and gold combination is plain heavenly, as the sharpness of the yellow color makes a very beautiful contrast but a complementary pattern to the cool gold color.

To achieve the best of these colors, you have the colors arranged one after the other on your string, and make sure one bead color is bigger than the other.

4.    Blue, Red, Black, and Gold.

This multi-colored color combination is adorable and one that you’d love to try if you love diversity in your waist beads pattern. This color combination can also suit any skin tone type.

To get the best of this color combination, you need to have a bunch of red, black, and blue beads together, interspersed with the gold (which should be smaller in size to the other), and there you’d get an awesome waist beading pattern.

5.    Yellow, Blue, Black, White, Purple, Green, and Gold

This is one of the most creative multicolored combinations you will love. Throwing in these colors (and more) in your waist bead pattern is a killer move. It sure is going to give your waist that carefree but awesome vibe.


When it comes to color combination in waist beading, anything goes; any color and every color is perfect on your waist bead strings.

Once you ascertain that the colors you have in mind are not too sharp or too dull for your skin tone, then you’re good to go!!!

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