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How African Waist Beads Color differs Spiritual and Cultural Purposes

by Tadalu . 17 Jul 2021 0 Comments

How African Waist Beads Color differs Spiritual and Cultural Purposes

When we consider African spirituality waist beads, we speak of using them to protect you from negative energies, to influence the energies around you, and to cultivate your divine essence. African waist beads play an important protective role in closing off the energy circuits of the body.  After wearing it to children, girls, or women, people believed that they remain protected from evil thoughts, negative spirits, and energy vampires.

Waist beads are a source of great spiritual energy. These waist beads are usually worn by women to ward off negative energy from the body and to close in positive energy around her body. It is generally worn by pregnant women to protect their unborn babies too.

The most important thing to keep in mind is regarding signaling sexual readiness- women wearing waist beads do not wear African waist beads to signal just the opposite.

Body Acceptance and Honoring the Divine Feminine Energy

Waist beads are a beautiful and appealing way to honor the divine feminine energy within you. Most women have issues with their middle section therefore by putting something beautiful in that area they draw more attention to that area.

The color of your waist beads also matters as the material, function, and properties. Each and every color have the power to rejuvenate, heal cultivate and protect.

African Waist Beads Color Chart

●      White Beads


 In African culture, white color beads represent purity, cleanliness, clarity, and sacredness. Priests always wore white and so did temple attendants. Some objects used in rituals such as a table, bowls, altars, and plates are made of white alabaster.

●      Red Beads

In African culture, the red color means health and life in various cultures. However, In some culture it means death. But not to fear because in various African cultures red is the standard of beauty for women.

  • Yellow Beads

In Yoruba traditions, Oshún – yellow beads symbolize the beautiful and seductive Orisha of love, sensuality, fertility, wealth, and art. As she renews the process of creation wearing yellow beads on your favorite color can improve your fertility.


●      Purple Beads

In Egypt, the purple color symbolizes faith and virtue and is often associated with various cultural spiritual ceremonies. People wore purple beads while celebrating spiritual ceremonies. Moreover, it is a symbol of royalty and prosperity. These purple beads are also worn by kings and queens in the ancient periods. Purple beads are also worn by people in hope of achieving prosperity or good luck.

●      Turquoise Beads

 In various parts of the Diaspora, turquoise color beads are used to ward off evil spirits and are known as ‘haint blue.

●      Green Beads

In Ancient Egypt- Kemet -green color symbolizes often depict the goddess Hathor, Lady of the Sycamore tree. This lady- Hathor was closely associated with the Sycamore tree, with rebirth, transformation, and renewal.

Can You Use African Waist Beads For Weight Loss?

Some women appreciated the power of African waist beads for weight loss, but how wearing an accessory help in weight loss?

The simple answer to this question is: If your mind can measure it, you can easily focus on managing it.

Your body through the help of African waist beads signals you that your waist beads get tighter as you get bigger, they can also fall to let you know whether you are losing weight and waist.

So wearing African waist beads serve as a powerful psychological motivator to manage and be aware of what you eat and how active you are.

Conclusion: Wearing waist beads as an accessory in a particular color vary culture to culture, region to region. Most importantly what that color symbolizes matters a lot. You can wear waist beads of any color. You can go through all range of attractive and appealing waist beads at

About Tadalu Waist Beads

Our Accessories Are Just As Unique & Diverse As the African Culture! Experience the vastness and uniqueness of the African culture by adopting the centuries-old cultural practice of adorning the waist with impeccably-crafted waist beads. At Tadalu, we aim to inspire women with timeless African values that are uniquely stylish. We also strive to support the African jewelry industry and work with local artisans to provide our clients throughout the world with authentic African waist beads at affordable prices.
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