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How to wear African waist beads

by Tadalu . 21 Nov 2020 0 Comments

How to wear African waist beads

African waist beads are everywhere; they are getting popular all over the USA in no time. African culture is rich in color, versatility and much more. Traditions and colors are so much full of life and fun that it makes everything lively and fresh. People worldwide, particularly in America, wear African attires, shoes, and accessories to bring that positivity life and freshness in their surroundings and enjoy a glimpse of African culture. Waist beads are one of those fun and practical accessories of African culture.

Waist beads are handmade, multi-color glass beads and stones are sewed together in a stretch thread to enhance the beauty. African people always try to make things that look pretty as well functional waist beads are not different. African women wear waist beads for beauty and many different purposes like weight loss and pregnancy tracker. So you can enjoy its beauty along losing weight.

African waist beads look pretty and are very comfortable to wear, and there are many different ways to wear them and look more attractive. For instance, if women are wearing them to enhance the beauty, they will tie it under the belly along the belly line. But if it's for weight loss, they would tie it around the central abdominal. It also depends on your fashion choice; for example, some women wear them over their skirts or dress to adorn them, and some prefer to tie it against the skin with low rise jeans or cropped top.


There are too many strings involved in waist beads, and if you are alone and no one is there to help, it can be a tough job to handle them. So if you are wearing waist beads for beauty purposes on your clothes, you are in the right place. Here is how to wear African waist beads on your clothes to look more beautiful.

  • Step 1

Take a string of waist beads and wrap it around your waist. Now it is your choice; you can wrap it near the lower abdominal or a little higher.

  • Step 2:

Now adjust the strand to sit along with the place where you want it to stay, make sure it'sits lying there entirely. Then put your thumbs on it.

  • Step 3:

Mostly the waist beads are precisely according to your waist as they are handmade, and you can also customize them according to your waist. But if it is not the case and there is a large string left after wrapping – it is time to cut that extra strand. You can save those lovely beads for later, or discard them is entirely up to you.

  • Step 4:

After this, intertwine the strings and tie three to four knots to ensure its grip.

  • Step 5:

Typically strings of waistline beads are double or triple strands, so repeat the process for all strings.

  • Step 6:

After that, cut the extra string with the help of scissors.

  • Step 7:

Turn the strands now, so the knot sits at your back.

* Bingo, you are all set to go.

How to wear waist beads for health purpose:

Wearing waist beads for weights lose is the same with a minor difference which is:

  • You have to tie it around the centre of your abdominal it will help your posture stay right, and you will feel a gradual decrease in weight.


  • You can wear waist beads with any dress party or casual, and you can keep them wearing all day long. The make & made of beads is durable and robust.
  • If you want to wear it off and on tie them loosely from the beginning, pull them, and pull off like a shirt. Or you can also tie the string ends in the shape of the bow rather than knots to avoid inconvenience.
  • If beads look less shiny with time them, you can polish them with a cloth.


African waist beads are an excellent choice of jewelry that can go well with all types of dressings. Different colors and beautiful, durable design will keep them part of your accessories for a long time.

About Tadalu Waist Beads

Our Accessories Are Just As Unique & Diverse As the African Culture! Experience the vastness and uniqueness of the African culture by adopting the centuries-old cultural practice of adorning the waist with impeccably-crafted waist beads. At Tadalu, we aim to inspire women with timeless African values that are uniquely stylish. We also strive to support the African jewelry industry and work with local artisans to provide our clients throughout the world with authentic African waist beads at affordable prices.
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