The waist beads are an important element of the African heritage,

It has been worn by African women for several centuries now. The waist beads, also known as TOMA, are often seen as an accessory of feminism, and it is presented to young girls and women by their grandmothers, mothers, and aunties as a way to commemorate their next phase in the life. The waist beads are seen essential for weight control, keeping a womanly body, and to train the abdomen. The women often tend to evaluate and study African waist beads color meaning when choosing TOMA for themselves.

The women of Africa

The women of African heritage have been using waist beads long before the invention of scales, and they use it as a way to calculate their weight gain or weight loss. When the beads started to squeeze them, it indicated that the women have gained weight. Or, when the beads started to fall down below the hips areas—it indicated that they have lost their weight.

In Western Africa

In Western Africa, the women resort to wearing waist beads for religious and medicinal purposes, and it also evokes the status of the women to the onlookers. Choosing African waist beads color meaning indicated position, wealth, and protection. One of the theories about the waist beads suggests that it is used as private adornment amongst the Ghanaian women, and it maintained the power to trap the opposite sex.

The use of waist beads has become famous in the western culture, and women want to learn the specific reasoning of African waist bead color meaning for invoking a feminine touch.

Reasons to wear waist beads:

1. A symbol of sensuality and femininity

The waist beads are commonly known as the strands of humanity. The TOMA are hand-crafted accessories that are worn by women of any body size. The traditional Ghanaian women wear waist beads for evoking a feminine touch, and it also denotes their wealth and health status to the world.

The traditional African women are strictly advised to wear the beadings under their clothing, so they could reveal their accessory to their lovers or spouses to show their purity and devotion towards them. A majority of the women views the beads as a tool to seduction and desire.

2. Rites of Symbols

Waist beads were introduced as a rite of passage for the Ghanaian culture. The mothers would gift the waist beads as ornaments to their daughters after they have had their first blood, as a way to welcome them to the paths of womanhood.

3.Measurements and Body Shaping

Speaking from a traditional point of view, the women were often advised to wear the waist beads for keeping their body shape intact and use these waist beads for weight loss. It has been predicted that the beads are likely to shape your body into a feminine stature.

African Waist Beads Color Meaning:

  • Black: Power and resilience
  • Orange: Self-confidence and Courage
  • Pink: Kindness, love, and beauty
  • Turquoise: Self-awareness and communication
  • White: Innocence and Purity
  • Brown: Earth and strength
  • Purple: Royalty and wisdom
  • Yellow: Energy and joy
  • Red: Vitality