The Igbos have a unique culture from among the people of Nigeria. There’s no random to Igbo attires including the beads. Looking at the history of Igbo people, beads are worn by the most outstanding members of the Igbo society, mainly the red cap chiefs.

It is an honor to wear the red cap and beads as a chief. The beads aren’t just peculiar to the male of Igbo land; it’s part of the dressing of even the women.

Another segment of the Igbo society that wears beads is young maidens. There usually wear short wrappers with beads on their waist. You’ll also find these beads as a necklace on their neck and as bangles on their wrist. Indeed, coral colored beads are essential elements of Igbo society. It’s an accessory that has been passed down many generations of the Igbo and still relevant till today.

These beads either signifies royalty or chieftaincy in the Igbo culture.
Beyond the royal, chieftaincy and decorative purpose, beads in Igbo culture also signifies some form of protection from evil and curses.

This is why it is worn on the waist by young maidens, and as part of wedding accessories by groom and bride. These beads are believed to possess some power, both to wield off evil or as some form of answers to prayers.
Today, beads are being used as a symbol of the Igbo people as it has become an excellent choice for occasions and parties.