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How to use African waist beads?

Cultural Symbol:

Women from all cultures and heritage wear waist beads, but there is no doubt that they originate from African culture. Waist beads are taken as pride part of African culture by African women. Black women who live far away from their native countries proudly wear it to remind their ancestral culture and heritage symbol. Waist beads are also essential accessories to be worn on a celebration at their cultural events.

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How to Make African Waist beads?

Waist beads are a beautiful part of jewelry worn around the waist for many women in Africa. Cultures and their traditions are not stuck in specific places anymore. People love to wear clothes and dress up as other cultures, especially on theme functions or cultural celebrations. For instance, waist beads are originated from the African countries like Nigeria and Ghana, but now they are a popular choice all over the world.

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