How to Buy African Waist Beads: 3 Things to Consider

Here are the three main things to consider when buying African waist beads.

1.     Size

Buying the right size waist beads is important as it determines how the strands will fit you. The size can vary depending on where you want to tie the strands.

In the African culture, waist beads are worn below the navel and above the hip. You can position your waist beads on the waistline, high hip, or hip area. To make sure you order the right size, use a measuring tape to take measurements focusing on the area you intend to wear your beads.

Wrap the tape around the waist, making sure that it fits nicely – not too loose or too tight. Always measure against bare skin to ensure accurate readings. Double-check the readings to make sure you got it right!

2.     Color & Style

The second thing to consider is the color and style. Tadalu has an extensive range of authentic waist beads, which means you will have plenty of options to choose the strands you like the most. Keep in mind that the beads' color plays an integral part in the decision as different colors represent different things in African culture.

For example, red ignites passion, courage and strengthens relationships, pink nurtures joy, femininity, and order, yellow brings optimism, creativity, and hope, and so on. You can also check out five waist beads color combinations that you will love!

3.     Quality

Finally, the most important thing to look out for when buying African waist beads is quality and authenticity. You need 100% authentic, handcrafted waist beads that are designed with love and care using premium quality glass beads and charms. African waist beads collection at Tadalu fits the bill!

Buy the Best Waist Beads at Tadalu  

Now that you know how to pick the ideal waist beads, you are all set to place your order. Browse through our vast waist beads collection and place your order at Tadalu – the ultimate store for waist beads.

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