In the past, seeing beads on the wist of women were usually attributed to people of African and Asian descent (particularly Indians). It is not uncommon to see people of various cultures, tribes, and class put on this body adorning beads to various occasions. Aside from the beautification aspect of the beads, a lot of questions has been put forward concerning other purposes the waist beads serves.

The significance of waist beads varies and is usually dependent on the person putting it on.

  • For some people, it serves as a means to attract suitors to themselves. Waist beads have been and are still being used in African countries as a symbolic “mating call” ornament. Particularly amongst tribes in Ghana and Nigeria, it is common to notice young maidens who are ripe for marriage put on this adornment in a bid to attract possible suitor to themselves.
  • Waist beads are also commonly used as a weight controlling measure. The string through which the beads are passed is not elastic so they don’t expand. Instead, they roll up to find a more comfortable part of your waist to sit on. Hence if you gain weight they move up your body and when you lose weight they roll back to rest on your hips. In this case, the significance of the waist beads is that it serves as a weight watch to help you monitor your size.
  • Waist beads also help to accentuate the hip of women. In a bid to have fuller hips young African girls have been known to wear these waist beads as it helps to drive fat to the right places hence giving them fuller hips and butts.
  • The significance of waist beads also extends as far as being a symbol of sensuality and feminity. It is believed in the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria that ladies who have worn and are still wearing waist beads are more sensual and sexier.
  • Certain cultures also believe that the waist beads also have some spiritual inclination to it. Some believe that it protects them and their unborn children. Others believe that the waist beads also has the power of making their lovers keep coming back to them. It is also believed to enhance fertility.
  • Lastly, it serves as an ornament for beautification. This is its most popular attribute which has endeared it to a lot of people all around the world. This significance of waist beads cannot be over-flogged

The role these beads play is quite a lot if looked at from a broader perspective. But to women, they get to choose the reason for which they choose to wear them.