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What are the benefits of waist beads?

by Tadalu LLC 22 Apr 2019 0 Comments

The benefits of waist beads are endless.

A majority of the foreigners may view wearing waist beads as a way to beautify the body or, to represent one’s culture. However, the truth is that the benefits of waist beads are much more than that. The women of Ghanaian descendent often wear waist beads for several reasons, and they tend to wear the ornaments in layers for garnering more of its benefits, such as:

1.  It helps with weight loss

The waist beads are designed to help with controlling weight gain in a woman. The beadwork as trackers for your waist and hips area, and it keeps track of what area of your body has gained weight or, where it lost some weight. African women have been using waist beads for weight loss for several centuries for shaping up their bodies.

It has been proven that the use of wearing Ghana waist beads has helped women with losing weight without much effort. Also, the beads are also used to determine whether a woman is pregnant or, for how long she has been pregnant. If a woman loses weight, the beads will fall below her hips. Or, if she has gained weight then, the waist beads would become tighter.

2. Sexual Attraction

A majority of African women wear waist beads as a way to show their sexual desire towards their lovers. The beads make an attractive ornament for the body, and men love strumming with the beadings to show their love and desire for their women. Due to the aphrodisiac nature of the waist beads, the young girls were forbidden from wearing the waist beads.

The waist beads play an important role in boosting the sexual desire of a man, and they would find a woman with their waist laced with beaded strings immensely beautiful and attractive.

3. They are trendy

The waist beads are truly representative of the African/Ghanaian culture; however, they have become trendy all around the world. The women swear by the aphrodisiac nature of the waist beads, and they wear it as a tool to seduce their lovers. They are also selective of the colors of their beadings for certain reasons.

4. For celebrating heritage

The African women are boastful of their heritage and background, and they are not afraid to wear beads to express their respect and tribute for their culture. The beads add a glamorous touch to the woman's body, and they often tell their daughters the importance of wearing waist beads.

5. Symbols of Femininity

The handcrafted waist beads have gained recognition for its colorful structure and feminine look, which adds a sexual and attractive feel to a woman’s body. The waist beads are celebrated as symbols of the aristocracy, celebration, and femininity or, it is worn for expressing the confidence of a woman.

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About Tadalu Waist Beads

Our Accessories Are Just As Unique & Diverse As the African Culture! Experience the vastness and uniqueness of the African culture by adopting the centuries-old cultural practice of adorning the waist with impeccably-crafted waist beads. At Tadalu, we aim to inspire women with timeless African values that are uniquely stylish. We also strive to support the African jewelry industry and work with local artisans to provide our clients throughout the world with authentic African waist beads at affordable prices.
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