An African or Ghanaian women

An African or Ghanaian woman is likely to wear Ghanaian waist beads for several reasons. You might have come across waist beads in one way to another or, you might have owned waist beads a long time ago. If you are of African descendant then, there is a high chance that you have worn or been bestowed with Ghanaian waist beads before.

Cultural norm for most Ghanaian women

It is a cultural norm for most Ghanaian women to wear more than one string of beads on their waist for various reasons. These norms are often stemmed from a religious viewpoint or, women wear them as a way to express their sensuality and devotion to their lover.

The Ghanaian waist beads

The Ghanaian waist beads are classified as spherical pieces of glass or plastic that are strung into threads for embellishing wrist, ankles, neck, or waists. The Ghanaian women excel in making waist bead strings and they teach their daughters to craft waist beads before they come of age. The skillful trait has helped women in Ghana to find employment and earn a living out of their crafting passion.

Before wearing waist beads 

Before wearing waist beads were normalized amongst the commoners, they were worn by the members of the royal family as a way to denote their status to the world. Apart from embellishment and beautification, the Ghanaians waist beads are worn for several reasons.

When a child is born into an African tribe then, the women craft two beads string for the offspring, regardless of its gender. When the male boy starts crawling or walking, the beads are removed from its body. On the contrary, a female offspring is expected to wear the waist beads for the remainder of her life.

In today’s urban era, the educated women and career-oriented women are becoming more embracing of their heritage; therefore, they are integrating wearing waist beads into their routine. The African women are striving to preserve their heritage; therefore, they are wearing the waist beads as a way to express their heritage to the world.

If you observe the beading of the waist beads then, you will find a combination of various colors, shapes, and materials in one place. The beads are manufactured using various material and they are strung to a strong string using manual labor. The women wear waist beads for the following reasons:

1. Improving sexual appeal

It is firmly believed that a woman wearing waist beads is more desiring and sexually appealing to a man. Most African lovers are pleased to see their women wearing waist beads, and they have admitted to the fact that strumming the beads of their women gives them pleasure.

2. Body Shapers

The Ghanaian women take immense pride in its body, and she takes all the measurements that she can for preserving the shape of her body. It has been proven that the waist beads serve as natural waist trainers for women, and it makes an indication for whether a woman is losing or gaining some weight.

3. For representing heritage

The African women are prideful of their heritage, and they wear waist beads as a way to showcase their pride and heritage to the world.


Why A Ghanaian Woman Wears Waist Beads