African Sandals

Sandals are the most comforting type of footwear, and Masai sandals are among the top of this comforting category with their versatile styles and all-in-one pairs. Masai is the ethnic African group, and Masai sandals are an authentic glimpse of their culture and vibrant traditions. 

Structure, Make & Made:

Masai sandals are handmade footwear, so every pair is designed with diligence and dedication to making a perfect footwear pair. The make and made of Masai is simple and durable. The base of sandal, sole, and straps are made of pure leather, which is quite comfy and soft on the feet and boosts shoes' durability. The designs, on the other hand, are all different and made up of colorful beads.


Diversity, without question, is its first feature. Not even a single pair matches the other. When we say it's rich in textures and patterns, we genuinely mean it. Every pattern is different yet elegant, and all of them give a feel of exclusiveness. The pair you buy from us will never be with someone else. The biggest reason for this uniqueness is handmade. Every pair is different and reflects the colorful thoughts of the maker. Masai sandals are vibrant, unique, and comfortable all along.

You want to go out to talk your dog on a walk or running daily errands; a Masai Sandal will fit in with any category.  You will find an enormous variety of patterns here like a copper crown Masai that can go along with any party wear. Likewise, a rainbow pattern sandal will go with any casual wear. The multi-color petal and flowery pattern can go along with any of them. Not only this, don't worry whether your sandals match with your new dress or not because Masai colorful patterns will also save you from this fuss.

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