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Black Ghana Waist Beads

Black Ghana Waist Beads -  Tadalu - African Waist Beads

Black Ghana Waist Beads

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Chance your confidence and embrace your body size with these Light Green Tie-On Ghana Waist Beads. The beads come in light green and gold beads with each color associated with a specific meaning; the green meaning prosperity, fertility, and healing, while the gold means abundance and luxury.

These beads are specially handmade, combining the finest of materials and creative sense of style. They are strung on multiple threaded cottons for better durability, but they are non-stretchable. Instead, they are adjustable and light weighted for the best comfort and convenience possible.

If you enjoy wearing crop tops or lingerie, these African waist beads will form a staple with your waistline. The charm, sensuality, and beauty is priceless, and they are all exclusive to


Here is a Company that provides a service that is not only fast and courteous but also beautifully presented. My congratulations on an excellent service. Onward and upward to you.


Very delicate and very pretty. A beautiful, little, secret accessory that makes me feel sexy and confident.


I’m in love with my beads! I’ve had them on for about a month straight and I don’t take them off. They were easy to tie and I look forward to ordering more!


I was a little shy at first to purchase waist beads. I was also scared it wasn’t going to fit, but it did and stronger than I expected and comfortable.

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