Royal Blue-White African Waist Beads


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Blue- white African waist beads

These blue-white African waist beads are handcrafted belly beads chain, designed with an aim to help the ladies adorn their waist with the beauty of glass beads. These come in tie-one, i.e. the blue and white color glass beads are tied over the string or wire of the choice of the consumer. Believing that the attraction comes with the metallic clasp attached, we make sure that the sturdy non-elastic string is utilized to give it an exclusively luxury look.

When made to measure, these African waist beads are worn either above the navel or below the naval on the hip line, depending on the motive of wearing. The blue and white colors of the glass beads are natural to be worn at the occasions or special cultural festivals as these reflect the beauty, loyalty, as well as attraction when worn together. Experts at are placing greater emphasis on the sturdy production of the chain alongside its eye-catching outlook