Brass-Silver African Waist Beads


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Among the wide range of African waist beads, brass- silver African waist beads hold their own importance. Being a part of the Ghanaian culture, the combination of the two colors appear to be the extra-ordinary ones. The lock attached to the wire or strand utilized is simply amazing as when worn, they have a grip to maintain. Hence, serving as the perfect choice for showcasing the beaded waist chain. 

This handmade jewelry by the experts at when adds the combination of silver with any color even with brass, these appear to reflect their modern appearance. Such a combination of belly beads does not limit itself to any particular occasion. Instead, worn either around the waistline above the naval or around the hips, i.e. below the naval in any festive or occasion. Get ready to wear these classy glass beads and make your appearance no less than an African doll.