Tadalu 30 Days Challenge

Weights and calorie counts matters but keeping in touch with your fitness progress through African ageless beads brings more joy. Losing weight goes beyond numbers but staying beautiful and healthy in and out. Right before your own eyes, you can view your transformation using Tadalu African waist beads.

For centuries, African women old and young have relied on their waist bead in monitoring their weight loss and gain. When the bead become loose, an African woman knows she’s lost some pounds, and when it tightens, an African woman knows she’s adding some flesh.

The Tadalu 30 Days Challenge is to create a consciousness of your fitness journey relying on Ghana waist beads.

How The Tadalu 30 Days Challenge Works

  1. Nutrition and Diet Guide For 30 Days
  2. Fitness and Exercise Routine For 30 Days
  3. Exclusive Access To A Private Group
  4. Tadalu Token of Appreciation.

How You Can Be a Part?

  • Get any of Tadalu Ghana Waist Beads
  • Follow any of our social media pages
  • Post a picture of you wearing any of the Tadalu African Waist Beads on the first day, then a picture on the last day. The winner of Tadalu Token of Appreciation will be decided based on the level of transformation.

What’s The Tadalu Token of Appreciation

  • Cash $50,- from Tadalu 


Let’s lose some weight together on the Tadalu Challenge. Don’t always stick to the norm, try something new, Try the Tadalu 30 Days Challenge.