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To inspire women to try something of more historical values but stylishly unique, ready-to-order, and custom-fit adornments for the woman's sexiest part of her body – her waist. We strive to encourage a better future for the industry by supporting local artisans to continually craft top-notch products while we bring them to the market at affordable prices.

Who We Are

Established to promote the uniqueness and richness of Africa’s cultural values, Tadalu specializes in providing original, fashionable and high-quality waist beads designed to enhance the natural beauty and attractiveness of modern women. We are based in the US and dedicated to serving customers all over the world.

Starting from a humble beginning, Tadalu is fast evolving in the fashion industry; thanks to its commitment to products quality and excellence in customer service. Our brand represents the true African tradition as we take pride in bringing exclusive products that evoke the sensuality, chic and African beauty in every woman who loves the African culture.

Our Products

At Tadalu, every piece is handmade with quality attention to style, design, and comfort. We source the finest exquisitely designed waist beads handcrafted by local artisans from West Africa; mostly Ghana. From beauty, femininity, spiritual protection, seduction, weight monitoring, to waist training, our products combine superior craftsmanship, high-quality materials with contemporary designs that create the perfect match with different personalities, culture, race, and age group.

Customer Service

Here at Tadalu, our strength lies in our ability to satisfy our customer’s needs. We believe our success revolves around sourcing excellent quality products, delivering high-end services, and ensuring the fastest and reliable delivery possible. From the moment you visit our store to making your final decision, we aim to provide a fantastic shopping experience in a friendly & conducive environment!

Beautiful truly glass beads… high quality and well made. The beads are very light on the body yet have a substantial weight in the hand.
Highly recommend this waist beads, as it is a true color with lots of depth and sparkle.
The brass clasp is gentle on the body and subtle in the design. The waist bead feel secure and very comfortable.
Excellent customer service as well.
I had lots of queries re: measurements and all were answered with grace and patience.
Thank you~!