For 76% of web stores it is!

With drop shipping you don't have to have products in stock yourself! An expensive stock is therefore not necessary!

Are you already selling via the internet and is stock and / or fast delivery a problem? With drop shipping this is no problem because you do not have to take the products in stock, therefore you do not need large stock and storage, you sell as it were from our stock. As a result, you only have to take over the products, slightly adjust descriptions and set your selling price.

It is therefore much easier for a dropshipping web store to keep track of hundreds or even thousands of products. We provide you with all data and images. You can even keep track of our stock levels in your webshop via a separate link. That prevents all kinds of surprises.

When you sell something through your website, you send us the order and we handle the rest for you. The moment we send the order, you will receive the track and trace information from us, so that you and your customer can follow this online.

 Drop shipping Program

 The benefits of drop shipping!!

  • No logistical concerns

  • With drop shipping you no longer have to do the logistics and purchasing yourself, since the product goes directly from our warehouse to your customer. In this way you, as an entrepreneur, have more time to focus on other more important matters within your company.

  • Extensive product information

  • With us you always have a wide choice in the range. That way you can also expand the range in your web shop and offer your customers more choices without having to physically have those products in stock.

  • Interested? Then contact us. We can provide you with all necessary information.