How to measure your waist for the waist beads?

How To Measure Your Waist For The Waist Beads?

Waist beads are a popular traditional African accessory that consists of small and colorful glass beads on a string or wire ie. worn around the waist or hips. These waist beads come in different colors and shapes that include decorative crystals, charms, and stones. In various West African Cultures, waist beads can be worn for centuries by women.

The waist beads are designed to help women in controlling weight gain.  Waist beads work as a tracker for your waist and hip area. Because if you observe, it keeps track of what area of your body has gained weight or where you are losing weight. Because when you find waist beads are getting close to you, it simply means you are losing weight. On the other hand, when you notice that it gets tight, it means you are gaining weight. When you are aware of it, you can easily manage it.

If you are interested in buying trendy waist beads, below mentioned is a way to measure your waist which can help you get waist beads.

How To Measure Waist To Get Waist Beads? is intended to offer its wide range of targeted customers across the globe with handmade waist beads alongside effective measuring tips in order to provide a perfect fit for it.

The measurement firstly depends on where one has to tie it, i.e. either around the hip or around the waist. In accordance with the African culture, the hand-made waistbands are normally tied above the hips and below the naval. Below are the steps to take its measurement.

  • Take a measurement tape and start measuring on the area or part of your waist where you intend to wear or let it lay on.
  • Remember to measure against the bare skin which means that every layer of the clothing should be removed that blocks your waist.
  • For the measurement, stand up straight, hold the tape measure behind you, wrap the measurement tape towards the naval. It should snugly fit it without tightening or digging into any part of the skin.
  • Just give a read to your measurement tape via looking over at the area of the measurement tape that begins to meet the other end of the measurement tape.
  • Double-check the process if still in doubt. You can also repeat the measurement once more to ensure the accuracy of your original measurement.

It's important to measure the correct part of your waist. Where would you like your waist beads to hang?  Typically waist beads fall below the navel, and right above the hips.

Although it depends on you how you wear your waist beads. You can measure yourself above your navel, just at your naval or right above your hips.

Can I Get Adjustable Waist Beads?

If you want your waist beads to be versatile, you can request us to make their size adjustable with a custom-made extension piece that can match your waist beads easily.

You can easily purchase whatever waist beats you want from Tadalu. You just need to inform us if you need to add an adjustable piece on your selected waist beads while purchasing. In this way, you can wear them however you like to wear them. It’s all up to you. An adjustable piece is popular because it can help you decrease its length according to waist size.


Women try waist beads for getting aware of the weight, change in the structure of the body, showing maturity, fertility, and maintaining their heritage.  Whatever may be the reason, one must focus on its color, shape, sharpness, sequence, quality, price, etc. You can now choose your waist beads of your size after measuring your waist with the help of the above guide. For more information, you can contact us freely.