How to Tie Your Waist Beads

Ghana waist beads are trending and everyone is jumping on that horse. There are so many fashionable and well crafted Ghanaian waist beads that make you feel like they are worth a million dollars. You could get these hand crafted waist beads from Tadalu. They are gentle to your skin, cause no irritation and is suitable for all shapes and sizes.

You would really enjoy having the Tadalu waist beads on but you have to put them on first. There are several people who complain about being unable to put on their waist beads. Either they are too short to go round the waist or they just couldn't seem to tie it right. We'll be giving you step by step guide to putting on your waist beads perfectly.

Tying Your Waist Beads Step By Step

When tying your Ghana waist beads, these steps will apply differently to every person because it depends on

  1. How loose you want your waist bead to hang around your waist.
  2. If the waist bead is staying on our waist permanently or temporarily.
  3. The type of waist bead you’re using.
  4. How many waist beads you are using.
  5. How many times you want the beads to go around your waist.

Steps to Tying Your African Waist Bead

Step 1: Unhook your waist beads (as many as you want to wrap around you).

Step 2: Join as many waist beads as you want to wrap around you. The amount of waist beads you join depends in how many times you want the bead to go round your waist or the volume you want round your waist.

Step 3: Place the joined waist beads round your waist to the point where you find suitable.

Step 4: wrap the waist beads around your waist as many times as you want.

Step 5: Get the tightness you desire and hold the end of the waist bead where you want it tied.

(Some African waist beads come with hooks that fit perfectly at the end but sometimes you can choose to stop before the hooks meet.)

Step 6: If the remaining bead is long enough, see if you can detach one of the waist beads or go round one extra time.

Step 7: Attach the hooks together or screw them in together. If it is too loose, you can cut off the edge and remove the extra beads.

Step 8: Tie the string or rope as tight as you want depending on how permanently you want the waist beads on.

Step 9: Another tying option would be to use a clasp to hold the waist bead edges together. This method is more permanent but the waist bead can be removed if it is not so tight around your waist.

Step 10: Cut off any excess string and your waist bead is well tied.

Note: Permanent doesn't mean that the waist bead is irremovable.