Aqua-Black Ghana Waist Beads


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Aqua-black Ghana waist beads are Ghana waist beads, prepared using aqua and black colored glass beads. Not just the belly-beads chain, but other ornaments including necklaces and earrings are also produced by to offer the complete set to the targeted audience.

Where black is the reflection of power and protection, adding aqua or blue to be a part of this Ghana waist beads is a reflection of loyalty and truth. The product seems to add the elegance in it by adding the touch of one aqua bead after multiple black seed beads.

At, we are the experts in providing top-rated quality aqua-blue Ghana waist beads at an affordable price. Not just for the casual wear, we are also customizing black and aqua glass waist beads for your special events as well. So no matter if you are willing to wear with your swim suit or under your clothes, such an elegant ornament is enough to attract and seek-attention of the majority.