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Black- red- yellow belly beads chain is a waist bead chain, the appearance of which attracts a maturity towards the one carrying it around the waist. As seen in the picture, the finest quality comes from the materials consumed in the production. Being referring it to as one of the products in the premium category, the significance of waist beads can only be understood by the one planning to wear it keeping in mind it’s actual meaning.

Where the use of red color in this belly beads chain works as an attraction tool, the other two colors are not even less to grab attention. Hence, can be worn in both indoor and outdoor events, keeping in mind the cultural values and significance of waist beads.

Want to grab your style of belly beads chain? Experts at are serving your needs for African waist beads, having them produced using the finest quality glass seed beads at a price easy to afford. 

How to measure your waist for the waist beads? is contended to offers it’s wide range of targeted customers across the globe with handmade waist beads alongside the effective measuring tips in order to provide perfect fit.

The measurement firstly depends on where one has to tie it, i.e. either around the hip or around the waist. In accordance with the African culture, the hand-made waist bands are normally tied above the hips and below the naval. Below are the step to take for the measurement;

  • Take a measurement tape and start measuring on the area or part of your waist where you intend to wear or let it lay on.
  • Remember to measure against the bare skin which means that every layer of the clothing is removed.
  • For the measurement, wrap the measurement tape towards the naval and snugly fit it without tightening or digging into any part of the skin.
  • Must give a read to your measurement tape via looking over at the area of the measurement tape that begins to meet the other end of the measurement tape.
  • Double check the process if still in doubt.


**Finding it difficult to do it yourself? Having it checked with the assistance of a friend can be of great help.

**Ensure that you do not hold down your breath or suck in since it may result in wrong measurement.