Royal Blue Multi Color African Waist Beads


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Blue multi color African waist beads are hand- crafted belly beads, produced using the seed beads. Where the expert manufacturer utilizes blue as the primary color for the beaded chain, giving a touch of multi colors as the secondary color adds the touch of elegance within this attention-seeking piece of jewellery. Having it in mind that blue color means reflection of the loyalty and truthfulness, when worn around the waist, these serves to offer the sapphire queen appearance among the audience at large.

At, our experts are keen to provide this exclusive product for both the casual and formal events. As the trend of waist beads across the globe seems to show an incline, the touch of multi color glass beads is something that enhances its’ beauty. The shiny appearance of the glass beads consumed in the production of this graceful belly beads chain is what adds value to the investment made in this jewellery.