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Sandals Copper Crown

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Copper Crown Masai Sandals

Looking for all in one sandal which will provide you comfort as a casual one and style like you are up for a party? Well, it’s time to finish your search with success because this copper crown Masai sandal is an answer to all your quests. No matter how many sandals, shoes and boots you have a women shoe collection can never be complete without something flashy and fancy don’t worry and buy this pair to make you collection complete. The copper crown is a pair of incredibly beautiful, flashy and stylish footwear. 

Make & made:

Copper Crown’s are incredibly designed in a rounded sole that presents a rocker shape of the foot. Being part of Masai ethnic tradition sandals are designed to stay durable for a long time. The base of the sandal is made up of the best quality of leather. Due to soft sole and pure made of leather Masai sandals are comforting and medically one of the best pair of footwear.


Base and sole are leathery while design on the head is made sewed together with beads of the copper color. The beads are patterned in the shape of a flower which lies right above to center of the foot. Leather straps are tied around the neck of the foot to ensure the grip of a sandal. The copper flower presents a look of a crown sitting on the middle of feet makes your feet center of attraction to everyone.

Perks of buying Copper Crown:

The copper color goes with all color of dresses in a match or contrast combination. The shape of the crown makes it an exclusive pair of sandals for parties, whereas its color goes along with any elegant yet straightforward party or casual wear. The comfortable sole will also help you stay longer in parties without having any troubling sore feet.