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Copper Tie-On Ghana

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Out of stock

Please measure properly before ordering, all waist beads are custom made and orders are not taken back due to incorrect measurements

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Handmade African Waist Beads

Buy traditional African Waist Beads Online

All our Tie-On waist beads are 50 inches long, closing with a knot. We'll be giving you step by step guide to putting on your waist beads perfectly.
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How to tie your waist beads read more here!!!!

These Brass Tie-on Ghana waist beads come in all brass glass seed with something unique and uncommon in many. From the special brass color to a distinctive smaller shaped seed in between the long segmented beads, these high-quality waist beads offer so much to adorn your waistline and showcase your femininity.

Perfect for all body sizes, including plus-sized women who love to express themselves and build their confidence. With Jahzara Tie-on Ghana waist bead, every woman is a princess infused with the richness of royalty and natural elegance.

Handcrafted by local artisans using the finest of materials, this adorable African waist bead is available in various sizes. No matter the number of strands you decide to put on, you can always complement your style, complete your everyday ensembles, and particularly shrine your waist to achieve that sexiness, sensuality, and beauty.