Jamaica Tie-On Ghana Waist Beads


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All our Tie-On waist beads are 45 inches long, closing with a knot. We'll be giving you step by step guide to putting on your waist beads perfectly.

How to tie your waist beads read more here!!!!!

These handmade African waist beads are contemporarily designed with green beads and styled with yellow and black to form a unique body adornment. It is strung on multiple threaded cottons to produce fantastic strands that evoke romance, sensuality, and intimacy.

Accessorize your waist with these beautiful beaded crafts which symbolize the femininity and beauty of a woman. They can be worn under your clothing or along with your lingerie to bring out the charm and womanhood in you. These seductive pieces of crafts will make you appreciate your sex life and help you set the mood with your lover.

They are easy to wear is well as adjustable for different body sizes and shapes. As an effective weight management tool, these traditional waist beads will give your waist a desirable shape and keep it at the desired position.