Red-Black Tie-On African Waist Beads


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All our Tie-On waist beads are 45 inches long, closing with a knot. We'll be giving you step by step guide to putting on your waist beads perfectly.

How to tie your waist beads read more here!!!!!

The charm and elegance of the Red-Black Tie-On Ghana Waist Beads is the dream of every woman. Handmade locally from Ghana comprising a mixture of brilliant red and black glass seeds uniquely styled with each color reflecting glamour, feminine, and culture.

Perfect for all body types, these beautiful African waist beads are light weighted and can be worn for varying courses, particularly for your body adornment, deification, and body shaping. You can select as many strands as you want and you're guaranteed a lovely body and fashion accessory that will not only complement your style but offer you the much-needed confidence in your body, sexuality, and style.

Wearing of these Ingumba Tie-On Ghana Waist Beads is comfortable, easy to tie, and the beads can be adjusted to your convenience.