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Iridescent Tie-On

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Handmade African Waist Beads

Buy traditional African Waist Beads Online

All our Tie-On waist beads are 50 inches long, closing with a knot. We'll be giving you step by step guide to putting on your waist beads perfectly.
Link in description!!!!!

How to tie your waist beads read more here!!!!

Each Bunme Tie-On Ghana Waist Beads combines unique colors and wonderful crafts, reflecting astonishing elegance that any trend lover would appreciate. The charm, comfort, and feminine perfection will make you feel adorned and glad for adding this beautifully crafted African waist bead to your collection.

Bunme Tie-On Ghana Waist Beads are threaded on multiple cotton cord for strength and longevity. They come in various sizes for all body types, and they are easy to wear as well as adjustable for your waistline hence giving you a more comfortable and body fitting.

One advantage of there tie-on Ghana waist beads is that, if there are excess beads after wearing to your ideal size, you can trim the beads down till you have the length that perfectly fit your waist. It's simple, and you can use a measuring tape to achieve a standard precision that suits you.