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Sandals Masai Basic

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Handmade African Waist Beads

Buy traditional African Waist Beads Online

Masai Basic

Masai Basic sandals are a fascinating pair of sandals popular in Africa. Masai is an ethnic tribe of Africa. African ethnic tradition is full of vibrant colors and attractive culture. Everything that connects with Africa is rich in textures, practically beneficial, and pleasant to eyes. Attires are not only comfortable and colorful, but those are also medically beneficial. For instance, waist beads – these beads are colorful, attractive, sexually appealing and above all that they work magically as a weight-loss gadget.

Make & made:

Masai Basic sandals being part of African tradition are based on their classic design. Beautifully designed sole in a rounded shape presents a robust, rocker shape of the foot. It is made of leather which gives the sandal strength and durability along with exotic and unique Masai beadwork on its top.


Look at this beautiful Masai Basic sandal. The beads are used in beautiful combination and present attractive rainbow on your foot with sprinkles of creativity and fun. A strap of the bead will sit right above the mid feet, and one strap leads to finger. This design will give you a feel of wearing jewelry on your feet and make them more attractive than ever before. Not to mention, approximately, more than 1000 beads are intricately placed and stitched together to create this rainbow patter. Isn’t it amazing?


Masai is known for their durability, wear these beautiful pair and go for a walk with your dog daily, or you can run your daily errands wearing them.

Beautiful rainbow Masai sandals get along with any casual wearing, comfort and soft sole keep your feet fresh for a long time an no matter how long you wore them you will rarely have sore feet.