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Rainbow Earth Tone

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Please measure properly before ordering, all waist beads are custom made and orders are not taken back due to incorrect measurements

click here for info on how to measure yourself for waist beads

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Handmade African Waist Beads

Buy traditional African Waist Beads Online

Rainbow Shiny Color African Waist Beads are handcrafted African waist beads, designed specifically with an aim to be worn around the waist. The use of multi-color in the belly beads chain is an attractive option for a majority as it reflects the rainbow appearance around the waist thereby, enhancing the beauty and adoring the African waist that carries.

At, the experts of handmade waist beads offer the consumers with the quality glass beads tied over the string. The string we use is either elastic or non-elastic. For our luxury collection, we choose to offer our customers with a non-elastic option in order to add an extension chain of up to 4 inches so that it lasts a longer period of time. Want to have the beads around the waist on your big day? Get it customized in accordance with your requirements following the size of your waist.