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Sandals Shell

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Handmade African Waist Beads

Buy traditional African Waist Beads Online

Shell Masai Sandals:

If the foot can speak, they would ask for Shell Masai sandals only. And why don’t they? Shell Masai are incredible, comfortable and practical pair of sandals. You may be running, doing stuff enjoying the party and doing lots of stuff which can be hectic or manageable for you but the part of the body that might suffer most from these routines is your feet. Feet bear the burden of the whole body, absorb all the stress and ask only one thing in return “a comforting pair of sandals.” Shell sandals are those lovely pair they might want.

Make & Made:

Masai sandals are traditional handmade footwear of African ethnic group. Known for their rich colors and vibrant designs, sandals are getting popular all over the world. The base of this beautiful pair is made up of good quality leather and structured in round shape that makes it robust and durable. Sole is also soft leather that makes it perfect footwear.

Design & Specs:

Masai sandals are famous for their unique and colorful bead designs. This pair of footwear is different as the beads used in making the design are brownish. Beads are carefully sewed together in the shape of a circle. To highlight the circled design shells are used as boundary like a petal, thus present flowery shape like a variation of a sunflower.

Perks of wearing Shell Masai:

  • Shell Masai are traditional yet different from mainstream Masai sandals.
  • Rarely any sandal can meet the comfort and practical level of Masai sandals.
  • The combination of light and dark colors present an image of a flower and this combo makes it one of the best casual indoor and outdoor footwear.

Don’t keep your foot away from this fascinating comfort and buy Shell sandal now!