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Turquoise shell is an African waist bead chain, produced using multiple glass beads of distinctive colors including turquoise, gold, and white. The beauty and elegance of this belly bead chain is also due to the distinctive sizes of the glass seed beads consumed in the production.

From the mini seed beads to the large one and those elegant star beads, the end of the waist bead includes the metallic clasp that holds the chain around the waist. Hence, referred to as a perfect piece of ornament to be worn at formal events such as weddings and get together with family and friends.

Want to have this graceful jewelry personalized as per the required size? Belly beads chain manufacturers at tadalu.com are demanding the exact size of the customers’ waist so that the produced jewelry fits properly. The white color beads when tied on the chosen wire or string, these appear classy and therefore a sense of attraction for the majority.