White Tie-On African Waist Beads


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All our Tie-On waist beads are 45 inches long, closing with a knot. We'll be giving you step by step guide to putting on your waist beads perfectly.

How to tie your waist beads read more here!!!!!

African waist beads are a unique accessory to honor your beautifully changing belly. These White Tie-On Ghana Waist Beads are handmade from Ghana, and they feature all-white beads tied on multiple threads to create a fantastic adorning element for your waist.

Whether you're an expectant mother or a young adult with a vast sense of style and romance, these quality traditional waist beads are a lovely addition to your body ornaments and they can be worn by women of different body sizes to express their womanhood, protect their feminine energy, as well as create a mood of attraction.

Each of the strands possesses top-quality properties, and they can be worn to accessorize your attire or accentuate crop tops or bikinis, creating that bold charming and elegant statement.